відповісти на питання Що б вийшов розповідь, або просто хоча б відповісти на питання Дуже потрібно Прошу, хто може і розуміє англійську

  • I think it is difficult for young people to understand adults.Also an old people have an understanding of the young, but not modern one.To my mind the young people often behave rude against their parents.They wear provocative clothes which shock the adults, causing their sharp negative reaction.Facing something new adults dont approve the behaviour and look at their children and criticize them, telling that "in my youth children were more polite and quiet". Sometimes the youth even rebel against it. I have never listened to music at full blast, because I care about my family and neighbours. I cant imagine the situationin which my parents and I exchange roles.I have a good relationship with my parents and grandparents too. Naturally, each generation has got its lifestyle. For example, people, who had teenage children in the sixties, could never understand such phenomenon as Beatles. They had known nothing about rock music before and so they thought of it just as a noise.