Придумайте 5 предложений на правило Presen perfect

  • 1)I have been waiting for you for two hours. Я жду тебя два часа.
    2)Have you done your homework? - Ты сделал уроки

    3)Ive finished my work already. - Я уже закончил работу.

    4)Не has not finished his work yet. - Он еще не закончил работу.

    5)I have alredy done my homework.
    6)They have come back today.
    7)We nave never been to England.
    8)I have not seen my friends since the holidays.
    9)My mother has not answered the letter yet.
    10)I have already had my dinner.
    11)I have been very busy lately.
    12)They have not heard the news yet.
    13)Have you ever been to this museum?
    14)I have just sent the letter to my parents.